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Tubeless set up

Whether on road or mountain, many riders are now opting to go tubeless.

What does this mean and why should you consider it you may ask...

A tubeless system is just as you'd expect-  it eliminates the tube.  

Because bicycle tires are thinner and lighter than those on cars and motorcycles, sealant is used to help make tubeless bike tires airtight. Tubeless sealant is not only lighter than an inner tube, but also capable of sealing punctures and of letting your tire roll faster and corner more effectively.

In a nutshell, tubeless systems virtually eliminate punctures, the tyres are lighter, roll faster and perform better.

We provide Stans NoTubes and Bontrager Tubeless system options, both offering excellent quality and peace of mind, and can set it all up for you so you can get on with riding.

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