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Madone SLR 9 AXS Gen 7

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The Madone SLR 9 AXS is ultra-light, insanely fast and super smooth. It's the ride you reach for on race day when every watt counts and your eyes are on the top step. This road race bike is built with an 800 Series OCLV Carbon frame and new IsoFlow technology that adds an aerodynamic advantage, cuts weight and smooths the road ahead. As an official Trek-Segafredo race team replica bike, it's built from the ground up with cream-of-the-crop components, like a SRAM RED AXS wireless drivetrain with a power meter and carbon wheels with a deep rim for even more aerod

Speed is your top priority, and you want a super-light aero road-racing frame with all-new aero IsoFlow comfort tech to shed grams and watts. You care about the finer things, like a clean wireless cockpit and the customised tunability of SRAM's Force AXS D2 electronic drivetrain.

A lightweight frame with our highest-level 800 Series OCLV Carbon, all-new generation of Kammtail aerodynamic tube shaping, aerodynamic and road-smoothing IsoFlow technology and invisible cable routing. A wireless electronic SRAM RED AXS drivetrain and flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes, power meter cranks for performance metrics, tubeless-ready Bontrager Aeolus RSL 51 carbon wheels and an integrated OCLV Carbon bar/stem combo.

The Madone SLR 9 AXS features an insanely fast road race frame paired with race-focused IsoFlow technology for a compliant ride with impressive aerodynamics.

- The Madone SLR Gen 7 builds on our legacy of superbikes, taking aero race to the next level with game changing IsoFlow technology that shaves weight and absorbs chatter, next-gen Kammtail aerodynamic shapes and a flared handlebar/stem that reduces cockpit and rider drag

- IsoFlow technology helps the seat mast flex for a more comfortable ride while also improving frame aerodynamics and shaving weight

- A wireless SRAM Red AXS drivetrain keeps your cockpit clean and tidy while allowing custom tuning ? plus, power meter cranks make it easy to track performance metrics

- The 800 Series OCLV Carbon is intensely light and meticulously crafted for next-level performance

- A new ergonomic and aerodynamic cockpit put in a faster, more comfortable, position for power

Unprecedented aerodynamics

All-new aerodynamic Kammtail frame shapes, bar/stem design and rider position make the Madone SLR our fastest road race bike yet.

Unprecedented aerodynamics

All-new aerodynamic Kammtail frame shapes, bar/stem design and rider position make the Madone SLR our fastest road race bike yet.

Exclusive IsoFlow technology

Never-before-seen IsoFlow technology specifically designed for the seventh-generation Madone SLR shaves weight, improves aerodynamics and smooths your ride.

Our lightest Madone disc ever

Super lightweight 800 Series OCLV Carbon and a new lightweight design make this our lightest Madone disc ever.

New ergonomic bar/stem

A newly optimised bar/stem that?s 3 cm narrower in the hoods than the drops offers a more comfortable and ergonomic riding position for faster racing, improved aerodynamics and ultimate control. Use the same bar/stem size you?re used to ? if you normally ride with a 42 cm bar/stem, opt for 42 cm in the drops and 39 cm in the hoods.

Refined integration

Every element of this bike is part of a greater whole. It has invisible cable routing, aero cockpit, hidden seat mast and more.


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Frame Size 54, UNI, Carbon, Frame: CARBON
Wheel Size Front 28
Wheel Size Rear 28
Fork Unknown
Gears NON, UNKNOWN, Unknown, 1 Gears
Tyres UNKNOWN, Unknown
Tyres UNKNOWN, Unknown
Tyres UNKNOWN, Unknown
Kickstand UNKNOWN, Unknown
Front Brake SH, UNBRANDED, Max brake rotor size, Unbranded, Disc brake with hydraulic actuation
Rear Brake SH, UNBRANDED, Max brake rotor size, Unbranded, Disc brake with hydraulic actuation
Front Light UNKNOWN
Rear Light UNKNOWN

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Sizes 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
Brand Trek
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 601479125142, 601479125180, 601479125227, 601479125302, 601479125340, 601479125388, 601479125449, 601479144600, 601842812822, 601842812839, 601842812846, 601842812853, 601842812860, 601842812877, 601842812884, 601842812891, 601842812907, 601842812914, 601842812921, 601842812938, 601842812945, 601842812952, 601842812969, 601842812976, 601842812983, 601842812990, 601842813003, 601842813010, 601842813027, 601842813034, 601842813041, 601842813058, 601842813065, 601842813072, 601842813089, 601842813096, 601842813102, 601842813119, 601842813126, 601842813133, 601842839805, 601842839812, 601842839829, 601842839836, 601842839843, 601842839850, 601842839867, 601842839874
SKUs / Part Numbers 5282877, 5282879, 5282881, 5282883, 5282885, 5282887, 5282889, 5282891, 5282893, 5282894, 5282895, 5282896, 5282897, 5282898, 5282899, 5282900, 5282901, 5282902, 5282903, 5282904, 5282905, 5282906, 5282907, 5282908, 5282909, 5282910, 5282911, 5282912, 5282913, 5282914, 5282915, 5282916, 5286533, 5286534, 5286535, 5286536, 5286537, 5286538, 5286539, 5286540, 5300413, 5300414, 5300415, 5300416, 5300417, 5300418, 5300419, 5300420

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