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Nostalgia is a wallet killer.


Nostalgia is a wallet killer.

Especially in cycling- we remember good rides and great times with our mates…maybe before kids. Rewind to when I first started within the industry; I would buy copies of MBUK, pausing to peruse the Yeti’s and think “Oh yeah, those look awesome”. I always wanted a yeti Arc, I thought “that’s a bit of me”.

My new 2010 Yeti was a late-night eBay purchase… setting up your watch list, the classic cliché.

I want to build it right for the period: 660mm Thomson Bars, 90mm stem and solid seatpost. I’m going to spec the bike with period correct 10 speed Shimano XT, or even XTR if I can find it… double chainrings, controversial by todays standards. A Fixit Gobi saddle and ODI yet grips will finish the build nicely, and I fancy a set of Hope wheels with Maxxis tyres, (or some turquoise Michelin Wild Grippers if I can find some)

I’ve been ‘down the rabbit hole’ looking for parts every night on eBay and Facebook marketplace… if you have any period correct XT or XTR, get in touch! I guess this counts as the next instalment of ‘Staff Rides’- although perhaps chapter one of my new Yeti Project.

As is always the case I have several projects on the go, including rebuilding the Trek Boone and searching for my elusive Yeti Arc X cyclocross bike with canti brakes.


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