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Here's stu's thoughts on his new gr300:

If I could only have one bike, it would most definitely be this one.

Lynskey Ti frames have been an obsession of mine since I started RBW in 2012… and I’m happy to say I’ve got many of you to see my way of thinking since!

I also know that many of my Lynskey riders still own their bikes over a decade later, and still ride them too (something I rarely see with carbon frames).

My own Lynskey GR300 is a titanium frame built to my favorite spec:

Mechanical Shimano GRX paired with lots of super touch components made in the north of England by Hope. Their cranks and brake callipers are the BEST, everything is CNC’d and manufactured on site. The engineering geek in me wants a hand-welded frame in low numbers too!

When it came to building my bike, I wasn’t too concerned with making it the lightest possible; I would rather it be the MOST durable and mechanically uncompromising. Choosing the right parts was easy… I’ve been doing this long enough!

You may think this means always choosing the most expensive, but this isn’t always the case!

With this being my 3rd GR frame, I chose some particular upgrades over my typical Lynskey build. If I’m honest, I don’t need need them, but I wanted to test them out to feedback to you guys!

Zipp is my usual choice, tough and durable, but I was curious to try ENVE.

An ENVE flared handlebar, stem, seatpost, fork and foundation wheels. If I’m being honest, it was the bars and forks that sold it for me… but I can’t cope with with mismatched components!

I prefer Maxis tyres, and on this I have fitted 45c Ramblers. As I previously mentioned, the brakes are an RX4 from Hope; they’re totally quality and if I’m honest I don’t love the feel of a GRX Calliper.

The package does everything I want it to; I can race a round of the CX, ride the lanes to the coast, commute to work, smash the local Brynna XC and get lairy on forestry gravel.


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