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Stuart has bought himself (yet another) new bike: the brand new 2023 Fuel Ex!
“I’ve had 8 fuel ex’s since 2010, so when the latest Fuel Ex was launched, I knew I HAD to try this latest generation out and see for myself.
The first thing to note is; it’s worlds apart from my very first one… 26” wheels and 120mm travel. At the time, that felt like the best bike I’d ever ridden. For me, mid-travel MTB’s are the perfect full suspension bike… anything with more makes me feel a little disconnected (as I don’t push the bike to its limits when riding). Personally, I like to feel the trail a little more.
“Now supplied with 150mm of travel, it’s such an unbelievably capable bike! When we took it on our shop ride last weekend, I loved the ride feedback and the pedalling sensation…Not only on the climbs and flat, but when descending it felt so stable and planted.
It’s without a doubt the best version I have ever ridden. Simply put, Trek have done an incredible job on this latest generation.
“I absolutely adore the colour; and added some of the personal small upgrades I make on all of my bikes straight out of the box. We upgraded the bike to a set of Madura brakes, and I have a Preference of a Schwalbe Magic Mary’s for this time of year, the soft compound is perfect for all terrain riding.
“I just admit though, this acoustic bike has got me thinking: it’s electric cousin, The Fuel EXe, would just be insane…


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