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Joe's Genesis Croix De Fer...

Joe's Genesis Croix De Fer...


Joe commutes from Swansea to Sandfields in Port Talbot a couple times a week…

As a primary school teacher he has to carry a lot of books and a laptop, so over 10 years ago he picked up his steel Genesis; a perfect work horse for hauling stuff!

Gradually over the years parts have failed and worn out, but the frame is still strong. Joe loves it so he decided to give it to us to overhaul and fit it out with all the best gravel components we put on all of our custom builds:

Hope RX crank and chainring
Hope RX brake rotors
Shimano GRX 800
Bontrager ncs mudguards
Hope bottom bracket
Hope 20five wheels
Level 3 overhaul with new gear and brake cables

Taking off the 2x gearing and making it 1x with a big cassette range, makes it more reliable, and clean.


Is the Croix De Fer the BEST adventure bike going?!

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