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charley's slash...

Charley - also known as ‘that bloke who does the website and socials’.

“My most recent bike is a Trek Slash 8. I say ‘most recent’ because those who know me will be aware of my lack of self control when it comes to purchasing bicycles.
Why the Slash? I guess you could call me an MTB-convert… a roadie who has been persuaded to the dark side in recent years.
Whilst I still enjoy the road (and have a rather tasty build for 2023 lined up too), at least with mountain bikes I can be sure that a broken collarbone or leg will come from a lack talent, rather than lack of concentration from a close-passing driver.

“I’ve kept this bike pretty standard, upgrading to a set of beefy Magura rotors because let’s face it, stock SRAM can be somewhat uninspiring. Other than this, I’ve swapped the main contact points on the bike to a DMR saddle and grip combination… but that’s about it!
Why? Honestly, the Slash 8 is really well-sorted out of the box, and offers plenty of potential for local trails & bike park sessions alike.
“A decent set of summer tyres is definitely on the list later in the year. Perhaps if I stop buying bikes, I’ll be able to afford a pair of socks too…”


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