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  • Thursday 25th February 2016


It's useful to know what sort of things you'll need to carry with you when out on a ride, especially if you are a beginner cyclist.

In this article we take a look at some of the absolute essentials for any rider...


The easiest way to carry some of the essentials you will need is using a saddle bag. These come in various sizes and can either clip on to the bottom of your saddle of use velco straps to secure onto your saddle rails and around your seat post to keep it in place.




Within your saddle bag we recommend that you carry these essentials:

- A spare inner tube (preferably two) of the correct size and valve type for your tyre. (Your friendly bike shop can advise you to make sure you have the correct one!)

-A pair of tyre levers (plastic is best)

- A pump and/or CO2 canister and regulator

- A repair/ patch kit

-Money and mobile phone in case of emergencies


Other ride safety essentials include:

-A good set of front and rear lights, even if riding in the daytime to ensure maximum visibility.

-A well-fitting helmet

- Gloves or mitts to protect your hands should you fall and to keep hands warm during cold weather ensuring you have full control over braking and gear changes.


It is also recommended that you take with you:

-A multi tool

-A chain splitting tool and chain links

- Water or an energy drink

- A snack such as a flapjack/ banana or energy sweets to keep you going

- Clothing suitable to the weather- a lightweight, waterproof, breathable cycling jacket is a good shout for the Welsh weather!


If you need any help getting kitted up and ready to ride we will be pleased to assist you.


Happy Riding!