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  • Saturday 2nd September 2017

Next Wednesday 13th September it's National Cycle to Work day!

Cycle to Work Day is an annual event which encourages adults to get on two wheels and have a go at cycle commuting for a day.

This year celebrates the 5th anniversary of the event, so even more reason to get involved!

Cycling to work is a fantastic way to boost your physical fitness and mental wellbeing, It's also better for the environment, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Here at Ride Bikes Wales we regularly chat to people who cycle to work who report feeling less stressed, happier and more productive in the workplace on the days they cycle in. 

So whether you're a regular cycle commuter or thinking about giving it a go for the first time- why not join the thousands of other people who have already pledged to cycle to work next Wednesday? Make your pledge here.

If you're thinking of getting involved here are our Top Tips for cycling to work:

1. Be Safe and Be Seen.

Reflective clothing and lights (even in daytime) are a must and make you much more visible and safe on the road.

A good daytime running- light such as the Bontrager Flare R is recommended.

Always wear a helmet.

2. Give yourself time.

Plan the route you will take in advance and make sure you allow yourself some extra time to avoid rushing. 

3. Be prepared.

Make sure your lights are charged and your tyres pumped up the night before.

Take a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump- just in case of a puncture (but making sure your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure makes a puncture much less likely anyway!). The best way to carry all the essentials you need is using a saddle bag.

If you are changing into different clothes when you arrive at work you can either pack these into a backpack or leave them in your workplace in advance. (Deodorant, wetwipes and dry shampoo (ladies!) are also all winners)

If you'd like any further advice about cycling to work- pop in store and speak to one of our team. Happy cycling!