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  • Tuesday 15th November 2016

We all know wearing a helmet on the bike is the safest option. What you may not know is how technological advances are helping to keep us even safer on the bike.

Perhaps the biggest development in the last decade has been MIPS.

 Many modern helmets now come equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), including our Bontrager range of road and mountain lids in store.


So what is all the fuss about?

Historically, helmets were tested in a factory with a simulated vertical impact on a flat surface, but as we know bike accidents tend to be angled as opposed to vertical impacts (We don't fall straight down on our heads!)

MIPS protects the brain against rotational violence caused by angled impacts.



Developed by looking at how our skull and the layers of protective tissue surrounding the brain help protect it, MIPS helmets mimic the brain's own protection system.

 In a MIPS helmet the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer which allows the helmet to slide relative to the head during an angled impact, reducing the rotational force of an impact.



Crash Replacement Guarantee


There's more good news...

If you crash and damage your Bontranger helmet within the first year of ownership, we can replace your helmet for you free of charge though Bontragers Crash Replacement Guarantee.


Because that is the sort of excellent customer service we would want for ourselves.

Take a look at this video for further info.