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Note: Due to refurbishment work happening in the shop, for the next couple of months our bike fit station will be out of action. We hope to be back up and running as soon as we can! 

Trek’s Precision Fit bike fit system is the same system that is used by its Factory Racing professionals to ensure optimum efficiency. Here at Ride Bikes, we’re proud to offer this exceptional service to guarantee our customers come away with the best bike fit in the business.

Whatever you want to get out of your new bike – whether it’s greater pedalling efficiency, greater comfort, or even a more aggressive position – a Trek Precision Fit can make sure that you’ve got your bike set up perfectly for you. Getting a professional fit will benefit any rider and is a great way for eliminating any aches or niggles that you’re experiencing when riding.

A Precision Fit bike fit follows a seven-step process to ensure that you and your bike are in harmony:

  1. Interview – this important stage lets us get a feel for who you are as a cyclist. From learning about your riding goals, how much you’re cycling currently and any previous aches, pains, niggles or injuries, we can start to build up a picture of how your fit will look.
  2. Physical assessment – testing your range of motion and flexibility gives us a good overview of the initial tweaks that can be made to your current position.
  3. Setting up the shoes – establishing proper shoe size and cleat position will let you get the maximum power through the pedals and eliminate any risk of injury.
  4. Your current position – we’ll take a look at your current position and evaluate the existing set up. From here we can offer a simple overview of the next steps we’ll go through in getting you the perfect bike fit.
  5. Lower body – starting with the choice of saddle, we can make sure that you make the right choice in size and shape. From here, we can start to make finer tweaks and adjustments to your lower body position beyond just changing the height of your saddle.
  6. Upper body – By determining your perfect stem height, reach and handlebar shape, we can finalise the fit to best suit your riding goals, whatever they may be.
  7. Reviewing and arranging a follow up – this last stage guarantees you’ll be happy with the fit of your new bike. We’ll run through your fit, why it will work and we can arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss how your fit is working for you once you’ve had the chance to get out on the road!

If you’d like to book yourself a Bike Fit, call us on 01443 231400 or pop into our Talbot Green bike shop today! You can find us here.