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Welcome to the new Ride Bikes Wales website

From the website we want you to have a better understanding of what Ride Bikes Wales is all about, as people, who we are, what we ride and where. The business, why would you want to come to us? I can think of several reasons but I will leave it to you to come to your own decision.

The bikes we sell and the products we believe in. I cannot promise we will list out all of the spec for every bike and each component because we do not feel it is important but where we can we will throw you a link. We will show you a realistic representation of the bikes we keep in stock, We keep all of the Trek Bikes in stock that we feel are suitable for our customers in South Wales.

We also want to inspire you with stories and articles written by other cyclists, as our whole business since 2012 was built on positive word of mouth, we want to share some positivity by sharing routes, events and ideas on how you can make the most of your kit in this wonderful area.